Lyman Orchard’s corn maze helps CT cancer patients and their families with a donation of over $16,000! The iconic 1970’s Rock N Roll corn maze at the Lyman Orchard location in Wallingford donated 50 cents of each ticket sale to the CT Cancer Foundation from September thru November 2021. Guests were treated to a “blast from the past” about a highly influential period of music – and everyone had tons of fun experiencing several musical genres reflective of the decade and learning trivia about them all. The Corn Maze was 4 acres, and there was a total of one mile of paths and hundreds of decision points. The Maze was interactive, engaging and fun for all ages. This was Lyman Orchard’s 22nd Corn Maze and it was the second year that they donated 50 cents of every ticket sold to the Connecticut Cancer Foundation. CCF is so grateful for their generous donation with sincere appreciation for their support of our local charity – helping to financially assist cancer patients with everyday living expenses right in their own backyards.