Our Team


Board of Directors & Staff

Our Board of Directors reflects a range of backgrounds and talents, unified by a common mission. They provide guidance and strategic oversight of the organization.

Board Committees include Executive, Finance and Development committees.


Jane G. Ellis, President & Executive Director

Richard T. Cersosimo, First Vice Chairman

Thomas D. Comer, Treasurer

Board of Directors

Sabrina Foulke

Jason N. Ginder

Jeff E. Hartmann

Fitor Mamudi

Edward B. Newman

Ray Pineault

Advisory Board

Lisa A. Esneault

Karol Genovese Del Real

Ted Norris

Nicholas Perricone, M.D.

Mark X. Ryan

Roberto Sirica

Travis Tangredi

Joachim Yahalom, M.D.

Emeritus Board

John C. Ellis, Chairman and Founder

T. Brian Condon

Nan K. Crowley

Whitey Ford

Vincent Genovese

Gary E. King

Reid MacCluggage

Gaylord Perry

Maynard Strickland

Honorary Members

Yogi Berra
Don Zimmer

CCF Staff

Jane G. Ellis
President & Executive Director

Office Manager & Grant Program Director