Helping CT Cancer Patients


Helping CT Cancer Patients

Simply put, when you cannot work you cannot pay your bills. We offer grants that provide financial and emotional assistance; CCF is one of the only organizations in Connecticut to provide this type of support. Many cancer patients and their families are suddenly confronted with insurmountable bills at a time when focusing on healing is critical to their recovery. Many are faced with losing their homes, losing their light, heat and power, or making an impossible choice between feeding their children or paying for medication and/or proceeding with treatment.

A charitable gift of financial support to cancer patients and their families can quickly and compassionately remove some of the stress and worry to help patients fight back against their illness. We give those affected by cancer a sense of hope, courage and community.

How to Apply For Assistance

Oncology social workers at Connecticut hospitals and cancer centers assist cancer patients being treated at their respective facility with a simple application process. To seek a grant for financial assistance from the CT Cancer Foundation, please speak to the Oncology Social Worker at the hospital where you are receiving treatment for your cancer diagnosis.

  • Cancer patient must be a Connecticut resident and in active treatment for cancer.
  • Application must be accompanied by a letter of support from an Oncology Social Worker verifying patient diagnosis and financial need
  • Each request is evaluated based on pre-established criteria and guidelines including patient need and availability of funds.
  • Once a completed application and necessary documentation is received, a grant is often delivered within days.

Many of us do not consider the immediate and overwhelming financial consequences that can result from a diagnosis of cancer. Yet countless patients in the U.S. are suddenly confronted with insurmountable bills at an already difficult and stressful time.

We are grateful for our partnership with Pink Aid of Westport, CT making it possible to increase our financial support to breast cancer patients in need.

By providing cancer patients in need with direct financial assistance, CCF is able to quickly and compassionately ease their financial burden. It is our belief that even small gestures of support can be the jump start a patient needs to fight back against their illness. SOMEONE CARES!

For more information, please contact us at 860.388.0788 or e-mail.