gener8or communications and the studios of Moving Pictures has helped CCF tell the stories of the families they serve in a deeply personal and impactful way. Today, we sit down with Steve and Darlene of gener8or to find out more about their organization and how they bring stories to life.

CCF: Tell us a little about your company?

g8: We’re a communications company offering the guidance of an agency with the creative power of a full-service production company.

CCF: Who are your clients?

g8: It’s a diverse field. It ranges from healthcare, human services, and education, to insurance and financial, scientific and medical research, retail, and beyond. It’s very fulfilling, because one minute we might be working with doctors or teachers, and the next it’s working with a non-profit really trying to make a difference.


CCF: What services do you work with them on?

g8: It starts by looking at their brand and messaging, but then extends through television and radio, video communications, interactive/online/e-learning content, writing and design, and creative consulting.


CCF: What is your goal from all this?

g8: The goal is to create a moving, influential experience and elicit a positive response.  Form a connection. Basically, inspire people to get up and go do something.


CCF: So, is there anything that inspires you?

g8: In our world, there’s nothing cooler than compelling an audience to make a change for the better.  And just as our clients want to make an impact, a real difference, we’re always in pursuit of a great client relationship where we can do the same.


CCF: How have you found success over the years?

g8: Frankly, there are many capable hands in our arena.  And each feels they are “different” or “better”. The truth is, it comes down to “Do I want to work with this group?”  It may be based on particular work, or prior experiences, or maybe referrals.  We do our best by listening to what a brand is saying and what the goals of our clients are.  But we also ask lots of questions, and try not to talk until there’s something useful to say. We love what we do, and it’s exciting to work with people who are just as passionate.


CCF: You want clients to think of you as an extension of their team. What do you mean by this?

g8: Whether you need a little guidance or just some good company along the way, think of us as kind of like your Sherpa. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, and can help navigate the journey.  At the end of the day, we want to help clarify what you’re offering and create buy-in for your audience.



CCF: Where can we see your work?


g8: For the last several years, CCF has featured our work at the annual Celebrity Dinner at Mohegan Sun. To see other examples of our work, email us at or contact us through our website – We’ll customized samples based on your business.  We look forward to connecting.