Written by: Sarah Cody (WTNH)

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – “I had a big lump on my neck.  I couldn’t breathe or smell or taste,” says 15 year old Adalia Davis who had just started high school.  She was diagnosed with stage two Burkitt’s Lymphoma.

“It’s hard to get used to.  It’s tough,” she says through tears.  “I had to really try to stay positive.”

“Just having to miss out on her freshman year of high school, that’s important, that’s when you start to define who you are,” says her mom, Crystal.

The teen came-up with a charitable idea that’s been a great distraction.  “I buy hair wraps and custom masks because they have paper masks in the hospital and that’s not very nice,” explains Adalia.

“She was like, ‘Mom, when we get a little bit of pocket change, could we order some of these masks for the kids in the hospital?'” adds Crystal.

Adalia gives young patients a smile and now a local organization will give back to her and others fighting cancer.

“Cancer is such a hard experience and no family is ready for it,” says Terri Eickel of the Connecticut Cancer Foundation which provides patient families with financial aid for basic living expenses – such as rent and car payments – to help during treatment.

Adalia is the “Ambassador” of an upcoming event.  “It’s a lot of fun and it’s a great way for the community to support cancer patients,” says Terri.

This year, the foundation has raised $475,000 dollars for cancer fighters like Adalia who can’t wait for these tough times to be a memory.

She says she’s looking forward to “good things” like hanging out with friends and singing in the choir.
“I’m doing good and hopefully I’ll be in remission soon and I’ll get my life back,” she says.

The Cycle Against Cancer – partially benefiting Adalia – takes place on the morning of Saturday, June 29th in New Haven.  Click here for more information.

Article and Video Originally from WTNH